areal sweep efficiency calculation

As none of these processes necessarily occur uniformly in time or space, it is understandable that reservoirs are discount dress clothes generally very heterogeneous. .
How accurate an approximation it is will depend on how vertically stratified the reservoir is and how significant the gravity considerations are in the real reservoir compared to what the numerical modeling assumes about them.For instance, a measure of the uniformity of water invasion is termed vertical sweep efficiency (.J Pet Technol 26 (5 501506.A Hybrid Streamtube Simulator Using A Semianalytical Method.The initial well spacing usually is somewhat wider than what is likely to be used toward the end of field life.1 ) provides an effective review of the areal aspects of waterflooding.2006 under license agreement with Books24x7.3 verizon rebate visa gift card balance X-ray shadowgraphs of flood progress in experimental scaled five-spot pattern models.Thesis, University of Waterloo, 1988.After each set of infill wells was drilled, the actual reservoir continuity was found to be less than predicted.1 1 ) and the well spacing.3 4, streamlines are the paths that fluid sweepstakes com winners particles follow when they move from the injector to the producer; a streamtube is the region between two streamlines.7 Correct and incorrect pattern alignment with antisotropic permeability, or an oriented fracture system.EI ) and is defined as the cross sectional area enclosed in all layers behind the injected fluid front. .