biggest loser season 16 contestants before and after

Of course, the Red Team is living it up with the gym to themselves!
"Thursday Final Ratings: 'Bones' 'How To Get Away with Murder' Adjusted Up; 'Reign' Adjusted Down".
You're all about to experience Hawaii.Matt steps on the scale and only loses two pounds, meaning Gina is safe for another week!Since Matt first started the show, he now weighs at 272 lbs.Toma is the last to enter the tent, and while he manages to eat a whopping 852 calories, his body can barely take it after eating so cleanly for five weeks.Toma is up last and wants to prove to his team he's a man of his word and worked his hardest this week."Thursday Final Ratings: 'The World Dog Awards' Adjusted Up".But first, the pressure is on the White Team, who is undefeated in challenges and has never lost a member.His big dream is to coach football and to run as many 5k runs to raise awareness for breast cancer.He plans to keep track of his miles, taking his family ice-skating, and going back to the University of Utah.She needs to post at least six pounds to stay.For the competition, Donald Driver is paired with the White Team, Michael Irvin is sent to the Red Team, and Willie McGinest is reunited with his old teammate Damien on the Blue Team.Scott is feeling fantastic and can't wait to get back to the ranch.
Damien is up next, with a previous weight of 314.