bottom sweep en francais

The person who steers a dragon boat.
The flooded river swept away the wooden dam.
( intransitive, figuratively ) To travel quickly.Cognate with Early Mod.She swept the peelings off the table onto the floor.The offended countess swept out of the ballroom.West Frisian swiepe (whip, jpc racing coupon code cleanse, sweep from Old Frisian swpa, suepa (sweep).T US informal to win all the parts of a competition, or to win very easily : The Yankees swept the four-game series with the Blue Jays.Nouveau, webmaster, infinitif to sweep, prétérit swept, participe passé swept, participe présent (et gérondif) sweeping 3ème personne sweepstakes plus coupon code du singulier au Présent simple sweeps.( transitive ) To search (a place) methodically.Derived terms edit Translations edit chimney sweep see chimney sweep violent and general destruction compass of any turning body or of any motion almond furnace see almond furnace References edit Anagrams edit Portuguese edit Etymology edit Borrowed from English sweep.Their long descending train, / With rubies edged and sapphires, swept the plain.Contents sweep verb (clean thesaurus: synonyms and related words sweep verb (move thesaurus: synonyms and related words sweep verb (WIN).28: Octopus clambered about from hole to hole and startled sweep blurred away as we passed.Any of several sea chubs in the kyphosid subfamily Scorpidinae.M Verbe irrégulier : to sweep.1993, Tim Winton, Land's Edge, Picador 2014,.Page mise à jour : lundi, 28 août, 2006 18:49.Any of the blades of a windmill.The wind sweeps across the plain.
To sweep a floor, the street, or a chimney Bible, Isaiah xiv.