gitzo rebate

(Not to loogie hocking contest say that the torontovaporizer promo code 2015 tripods I recommended in my previous gear guide arent good.
I called the 800 the service rep queried my request a couple of different ways - same result.
It is strong, stable and lightweight. However, the Traveler get the freebies did not have the design improvements made to the Mountaineer series. I love it! It has been on tiny planes, out on the ocean in many boats, on many of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and up a couple mountains, but where does it crash?I had taken some photos on Saturday using my tripod, but had not taken it down, so last night, I decided to put it away.I'm curious if anybody else has had problems with Gitzo rebate submissions, showing a status of never having been received by the rebate processing center. Gitzo redesigned its Moutaineer series earlier this year so the 0 series, which used to have a load capacity of 11 pounds, could now bear as much weight as its 1 series, which could bear 17 pounds.Do your camera and lenses a favor, and invest in a good tripod today! I only saw the rebate form on the B H website.Btw - the rebates are input to a database in Texas, but the service center that responded to my phone query is in Wisconsin. Given the weight of my camera and my heaviest lens, which weigh in around 6 pounds, I could get a tripod with a lighter load capacity, and accordingly lighter weight and smaller size. Theyre just heavier being somebody who spends a lot of time carrying it over my shoulder while walking a few miles around the National Mall, the 3 lbs or so that it weighs makes a huge difference. Over the last 24 hours, I discovered two very good reasons to say goodbye to my old tripod and hello to a new Gitzo.
I knew I wanted a tripod for travel.