how to judge pie baking contest

Creative pies are terrific, but there is no need to gild the lily.
Judging - will start at about 5:00.m.
The Health Department requires: No pies that require refrigeration will be accepted (i.e.Luckily, there was a nice cheddar note and that pie was one of the winners.Print, by, emily Paster, one of the fringe benefits of being a food blogger is that sometimes people ask you to judge food contests.Earlier this year, I judged a contest to determine the best frozen yogurt-and-topping combination the " coolest combo contest " by Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt.Fruit shrinks as it cooks and exudes moisture so it is important to pack fruit fillings, especially apples, tightly and almost over-fill them.Woe to any underbaked bottom crust or mushy fruit filling that passed in front of me!The person running the Pie-Baking Contest will have the final say on acceptability of the pies.This has happened to me exactly twice.But I do see some of the same things over and over again, so I put together a list of a few quick tips that might help you the next time youre thinking of entering a baking contest to show off your skills in the.To get that rich golden brown color, brush top crust with melted butter or egg wash.Annual Summit County Fair Pie Baking Contest.Many of them are delicious, but it is much harder to stand out from the crowd if you are using a flavor combination that is common or extremely popular that turns up in multiple entries.(Given my husband's devotion to frozen yogurt and his penchant for creating truly vile flavor and topping combinations, I think they asked the wrong family member, but no matter.) This month, I got an even better invitation: the.So, be sure to use a thickener for your pie filling whether it is simply some all-purpose flour best for long-baked pies cornstarch, gelatin (for chiffon pies) or tapioca.It is tricky to get that right!The, pie Town event in Chicago is a much smaller affair, but I was honored to take part nonetheless.Scoring, each judge assigns a numerical value (110) in each criteria category, without consultation with the other judges.Opting for a less common flavor combination can potentially give you an edge.For instance, you can turn your famous cookies into a decadent ice cream sandwich or whoopie pie, adding more flavors and textures for a more unique treat.
In the case of a tie, the judges will judge those pies again.