hyundai gas rebate calculator

How soon will I receive my compensation?
Only vehicles sold or leased prior to November 3, 2012 qualify).Yes, provided the vehicle was purchased prior to November 3, 2012.The vehicles identified in the fuel consumption ratings announcement made on November 2, 2012 are specific vehicle models that were determined as having been affected by a cheap crib bedding sets with bumpers procedural error in the fuel economy testing process.As part of the agreement, Hyundai will pay a civil penalty, forgo the use of greenhouse gas emission credits, and continue to implement a series of measures including the formation of an independent certification test group to oversee the automakers fuel economy testing, training, data.We are putting in place a comprehensive reimbursement program for affected current and former vehicle owners to cover the additional fuel costs associated with the fuel consumption rating change. .As a result, your vehicle is not eligible for reimbursement.If you purchased or leased an affected vehicle prior to November 3, 2012, either new or used or have sold an affected vehicle you are eligible for reimbursement. .Current owners (original and subsequent Current owners can make a claim through the following process: (1) visit to see if they qualify and calculate estimated reimbursement.Combined MPG:20 combined city/highway MPG City MPG:18 city Highway MPG:24 highway.0 gals/1yundai Santa Fe Ultimate AWD 6 cyl,.3 L, Automatic (S6) Regular Gasoline Not Available How can I share my MPG?If the owners name entered does not match the owners name on file, the customer will be directed to the dealership and required to provide a proof of ownership.Combined MPG:22 combined city/highway, mPG, city MPG:19 city.Hyundais fuel consumption ratings are certified by the.S.The new lump-sum option now being offered by KIA is intended to cut down on paperwork and inconvenience for affected drivers.To make a claim for vehicles sold prior to November 3, 2012, customer must: (1) visit a Hyundai dealer with proof of original purchase and odometer reading as well as proof of sale with odometer reading at time of sale.In the.S., the Environmental Protection Agency fuel economy values are computed using a five cycle laboratory test procedure (the two used in Canada, plus three additional tests).Combined MPG:28 combined city/highway MPG City MPG:25 city Highway MPG:35 highway.6 gals/1yundai Sonata 4 cyl,.6 L, Automatic (AM7) Regular Gasoline Not Available How can I share my MPG?