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(e) Approved Acquired Line of Business Receivables.
" Confidential Information " shall have the kerastase promo code 2015 meaning assigned to such term in Section.16 of the Contribution Agreement.
" Investor Certificates " shall mean the Certificates executed by the Trustee and authenticated by or on behalf of the Trustee, substantially in the form attached to the applicable Supplement, but shall not include the Exchangeable Company Interests, the Subordinated Company Interests or any other.
(b) By execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Company, as owner of the Receivables and the Collections, hereby appoints.P.Federal, State and local income and franchise tax laws (but for no other purpose the Investor Certificates will qualify as indebtedness of the Company secured by the Participation Assets and that the Trust will not be characterized as an association or publicly traded partnership taxable.In connection with its grant of the Participation, the Company further agrees, at its own expense, on each Receivables Purchase Date, (A) to direct (or cause the Master Servicer to direct) each Originator to identify on its extraction records relating to Receivables from its master.For credit and re-bills in which the credit and re-bill occur in separate Settlement Periods, the amount of the Dilution Adjustment, as calculated above will be listed as occurring in the Settlement Period of the original invoice date." Initial Invested Amount " means in respect of any Series, the amount identified as the " Initial Invested Amount " for such Series in the Supplement for such Series.Dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 12, dec 11, dec 11, dec 11 Dec 11 Dec 11 Sahib Bhatia Feb.Investor Certificates that have not been registered pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act and any interest therein may not be reoffered, resold, pledged or otherwise transferred, and shall not be registered for transfer in the Certificate Register except pursuant to the." Clean Up Call Repurchase Price " shall have the meaning assigned in Section.02(a) of the Pooling Agreement." Servicing Guarantee " shall mean the Servicing Guarantee under Article VII of the Servicing Agreement, executed by the Servicer Guarantor in favor of the Company and the Trustee on behalf of the Trust for the benefit of the Certificateholders.But one thing that hasn't changed is that Snap remains an Evan Spiegel project." Special Allocation Settlement Report Date " shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section.01(g i) of the Pooling Agreement.While Snap is constantly compared to Facebook by outside investors and the press, Spiegel has told employees online wine case deals that he admires Amazon and the early product focus of Apple smith and wesson m&p 9mm rebate under Steve Jobs.(a) The Company may decrease the amount of its Exchangeable Company Interest in exchange for (i) an increase in the Invested Amount of a Class of Investor Certificates of an Outstanding Series and an increase in any related Subordinated Company Interests in connection with.If the ratings given by S P and Moody's to the long term senior debt of any Obligor (or the ultimate parent of the Obligor or the affiliated group of which such Obligor is a member, as the case may be) would result in different.Origination Agreements pursuant to which Huntsman International LLC (the ".
" Aggregate Daily Collections " shall mean, with respect to any Business Day, the aggregate amount of all Collections in immediately available funds deposited into the Company Concentration Accounts on such day by 12:30.m.