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And Slovakia's stunning victory sent it into second place and eliminated Italy.
Ate nothing but company cafeteria food, and walked to work everyday! .
Angry that a camera should dare to be so near him, he reacted by punching.Gonzalo Higuain's sensational hat trick and the team's scintillating play more than made up for the scene on the sideline where the ranting, raving Diego Maradona in an ill-fitting suit conducts himself with all the elegance of Super Mario.Still, it doesn't compare to the mess in the French camp.Once-mighty Uruguay has won the tournament twice, but not since 1950.Others, like The Mirror, have gone with the more historic "England Expects"a reference to a famous letter by Admiral Horatio Nelson.Earlier access to persistent mutagen and swapping your immunity to poison for immunity to paralysis and sleep.With the legendary, but also crazy, Diego Maradona as their coach, no one knew quite what to expect from Argentina at this tournament.The Mirror leads the way Saturday with a picture of the German team in front of some lions on safari under the headline: German Scaredy Cats.It will take beating Paraguay, so expect them to come out swinging.As it heads into the last 16 to face Paraguay, Japan is turning into one of the tournament's real surprises.Wednesdays paper brings the all-important head-to-head comparisons of the Germany and Spain players, as well as their top WAGs.The French camp's reaction wasn't good, calling whoever leaked the story to the press a "traitor" who must be "eliminated." And From the Department of British Tabloids The British tabloids today seem tame by comparison.
In stark contrast, Bishop Desmond Tutu was seen dancing around the VIP area during the Opening Ceremony.
Needs to beat Algeria next Wednesday or it will be a second a successive group-stage exit.