meaning of sweep in english

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See also: sweep sweep in(to some place) to dash or run into some place.
The traveller swept a hand toward the endless expanse of water.Example Bank: A pair of golden eagles swept across the sky.The house overlooks the great sweep of the St Lawrence River.Sweep sweep sweeps swept sweeping verb, noun BrE swip, nAmE swip verb ( swept, swept, brE swept ; NAmE swept wITH brush OR hand.) to move suddenly and/or with force over an area or in a particular direction adv./prep.She let herself be swept along by the crowd.Transitive sth to move, or move sth, over a surface, touching it lightly Her dress swept the ground as she walked.Verb forms: Word Origin: Old English swpan (verb of Germanic origin; related to German schweifen sweep in a curve.Your hair in a particular direction Her hair was swept back from her face.Rumours of his resignation swept through the company.Sweep in (to some place) to dash or run into some place.Intransitive, transitive to move over an area, especially in order to look for sth adv./prep.Movement/search over area.Link to this page.Intransitive, transitive to spread quickly adv./prep.Contents sweep verb (clean thesaurus: synonyms and related words sweep verb (move thesaurus: synonyms and related words sweep verb (WIN).(figurative) He swept into the lead with an almost perfect performance.
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To move or push sb/sth suddenly and with a lot of force.