menstrual cup coupon codes

I have 3 different brand cups and chose to use the Lena Cup first.
If your account is in Euro and a customer from the USA buys thru your link in USD, free almond milk coupon you will get your commission in your currency.
I feel like I got it right the first time with the Lena cup.Use my Lena Cup Coupon Code below to save!If you are emptying your cup in a public restroom, you can wipe it out with toilet paper and then reinsert.Your store credit have no expiry date.The stem is also flat and not hollow, so it is also really easy to clean with nowhere for menstrual fluid to get trapped.Who doesnt like getting free cups?You may have heard that giving birth (vaginally or via c-section) or reaching a certain age automatically means you need to be using a larger sized menstrual cup, but thats gas sweepstakes 2014 not always true.The best part is that I never have to remove a partially dry tampon.The rim of the lena cup does flare out (like a bell but its completely smooth with no seams or ridges to cause any irritation.Made in California, okay for use at night, fDA Registered.You can access your statistics in the affiliate area.
The second fold is the 7 fold.