uk tax rebate 2017

Depending on how you applied and your particular circumstances, hmrc will either pay your rebate directly into your account or send you a cheque.
You should receive your payment in 5 working days.
If you did a paper return, you will normally get your money back from hmrc automatically but, if you dont, you will need to contact them by telephone or in writing referencing your UTR code.
How can I claim my money back?Income Tax, money and tax, help us improve.When you'll get your refund, when you get your refund depends on whether youre being paid by cheque, or by a payment into your bank account or to your credit or debit card.If youre expecting a cheque, hM Revenue and Customs (hmrc) will usually send your cheque (or payable order) within 5 weeks, but it may take longer in some cases.1PwUGk6, bought a life annuity, call hmrc Retirement Annuity Helpline, telephone.Contact Tax and Payroll Manager Natalie from TTR Barnes All content correct as of publishing date, February 2017.There are some factors that can impact the time it takes.If your claim is for a previous tax year, hmrc will normally pick this up for you shortly after the end of the tax year and send a P800 calculation and a cheque.Okay, this is where things may vary a little.Please call us on and a Tax Refund Advisor will give you a free, no-obligation"!Hmrc usually take between 6-12 weeks to process claims.If you do not agree to this statement, please do not use our Site.DIY direct through hmrc, long calls Constantly chase them up Complicated process Your refund may not be accurate You may not get your money No commission. Your rebate will be paid directly through your pay with your current employer.The tax authority information leads to a decision that the customer is not due a refund.Sometimes overpayments will be picked up by hmrc automatically but you shouldnt wait around for anyone else to check if youre due money in our opinion!Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm.