what is optional voucher in tally erp 9

Godown Quantity Stock item Om 006 Sion 1 Intermediate On 1st October, goods purchased from Anand store has been returned.
Particulars : Type BR /.
Bought goods worth.25000 in Abhyudaya bank.Method of Voucher, numbering? .Received from travelling salesman.1,000 found defective were returned to Malhotra.Abbr : Rcpt.For creating ledger user follows following steps.But if user wants to create different accounts of same group then user must select multiple ledger options.(F) Sundry debtors: This maintains the list of all companies or persons to whom company gives material on credit.10000 on credit from.In manual process, after entering daily transaction user has to create trading account, trial balance, profit loss account, ledger, balance sheet.This show following menu: Company info, select company, create company, quit.But if user wants to create any other group then use create group option.Using this menu, feature of the company are changed that means enables or disables.Calculator (command area.To Cash a/c. .Godown Quantity Stock item Om p007 Sion 2 Simple On 31st January, 2011 goods sold to IPL store were returned.