which lottery has the best odds of winning uk

This is also the original lottery game offered by the New Jersey Lottery, which allows contestants to pick six numbers ranging from 1-49 with the hopes of their numbers being picked in the weekly drawings.
Premium Members, morning: Wed Dec 13, past Results, smart Pick, payout.Jackpots start off loogie hocking contest at 15,000,000, continuously increasing by 5,000,000 with every rollover.Lets just say your odds of winning torontovaporizer promo code 2015 a windsor fashion promo code 1 million collecting Park Place and Boardwalk game pieces are 1 in 307 million.To help you get the most bang for your lotto ticket buck, MoneySense has updated its list of lotteries and scratch tickets that offer the best chance at winning 100,000 or more.Approved by a two-to-one margin (68).Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery known for its big jackpots.Frequency Chart Prize Matrix Next Draw: Wed, Dec 13 Night: Tue Dec 12, Past Results Smart Pick Have I Won?Frequency Chart Prize Matrix Next Draw: Thu, Dec 14 Evening: Tue Dec 12, Past Results Smart Pick Have I Won?In some cases, the fixed prizes may be paid on a pari-mutuel basis and will be lower than these published amounts.Last and least, the odds of guessing 3 out of 6 numbers in the Pick 6 Lottery are 1 in 57 and awards 3 on average.The Jersey Cash 5 is played exactly like the New Jersey Pick 6, with jackpots rolling over when not claimed by a contestant.For other winning combinations see chart as follows: prize level, winning numbers matched PER game, chances OF winning PER game.As a rule of thumb, provincial lotteries are your best bet and you wont have to slice and dice the winnings with as many people.Lastly are two smaller jackpots of 232 and 116 with respective odds of 1 in 833 and 1 in 417.Frequency Chart, prize Matrix, next Draw: Thu, Dec 14 Evening: Tue Dec 12, Past Results Smart Pick Payout Have I Won?The contestants have the opportunity to play the game several different ways, with the cost and odds of winning fluctuating depending on you choose to pick your numbers.Retailers such as grocery stores, gas stations, and liquor and convenience stores sell Texas lottery tickets, getting a 5 commission for each ticket they sell.New Jersey Lottery Mega Million Odds.
Frequency Chart, prize Matrix, next Draw: Thu, Dec 14, day: Wed Dec.
Fourth 4 1 in: 38,792 500, fifth 3 Mega Ball 1 in: 14,547 200, sixth 3 1 in: 606 10, seventh 2 Mega Ball 1 in: 693 10, eighth 1 Mega Ball 1 in: 89 4, ninth, mega Ball 1 in:.