who won pch contest today

I am very grateful to God and the PCH sweepstakes team.
So, see yourself positively, have faith and don't doubt the process.
don't Waste Your Money is a registered trademark of Scripps Media, Inc.Today is no ordinary day!So she was stunned when she received a letter and 5,000 check marlboro spin to win prizes from Publishers Clearing house.Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc.you'll find all the warning signs that you are about to be taken.But something wasn't right, her daughter BethAnn said.The 5,000 check accompanying it was to cover taxes and fees, according to the letter."Like" John Matarese on Facebook, follow John on Twitter ( @JohnMatarese ).Ellen Olsen of Brown County, Ohio did too.Publishers Clearing House, further reading."They told her to cash the check, and the other thing that was mentioned was don't tell anybody she said.Until whatever you are visualizing shows up, practice living with positive thinking and gratitude.Today, one lucky winner will be the recipient of the June 30th 1 Million SuperPrize!You will prove yourself right.The letter stated she was the winner of PCH's.5 million grand prize - even though a winner has not been announced yet.They will never send an advance check of a few thousand dollars to cover "taxes" or "fees.".WOW just say it out loud ONE million dollars.We are SO excited because the Prize Patrol is on the road as we speak, traveling.This is an important part of the process."When this check came and the Publishers Clearing House letter came, with it, I thought well maybe it is legitiimate." she said.I recommend the book, "The Secret." It explain how we can manifest what we want and need by living with gratitude and having faith you Will reach your goal eventually.
Today, one lucky winner will be the recipient of the June 30th 1 Million SuperPrize.
Sounds pretty nice, huh?