world yoyo contest 2015

This list includes non-championship divisions.
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Heres Zachs winning freestyle that earned him the world title by an unheard of margin of 7 points!From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search, list of World millercoors rebate Yo-Yo Champions is the list of the competitors who won the.4A, naoto Onishi won the 4A World Champion title in a division where the final standings were decided by the penalties!World Yo-Yo Championship in England, 1932.Elite players from around the world consider Zach to be one of the most influential and impressive players to pick up the toy in recent years.This was the most Ive ever practiced for a contest.When I was on stage I wasnt thinking about winning, or all the work that it took to get there.Aside from yo-yoing Zach is a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, he is also interested in photography, tennis, piano, Japanese anime, and the ancient Asian board game.The new World Champion becomes the man who beat Takeshi Matsuura in 5A!The next spots were taken by the three American players.5A, jake Elliott did it!On August 16th he proved us all that we were right.HOW much DID YOU train PER DAY?Hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado Zach joined team clyw in 2009.The World Yo-Yo Contest ran from August 13th to the 17th and was the first time it has ever been held in Japan.A few other strong contenders had discards as well.I was mainly talking to other players about freestyles, judging and how to improve from last year.It wasnt until 3 months before the contest that I started to build the freestyle.3A, if there were any doubts about Hajime Miuras supremacy after his fourth place finish at Japan Nationals, there surely are none left after his outstanding performance in Tokyo!
If I want to go fast I can go fast and not worry about going out of losing control.
Naoto Onishi won offstring in an incredibly balanced division!